Surgical Technician

Company: Altos Federal Group
Date Posted: 07-11-07
Category: Other
Location: Washington - Tacoma/Olympia
Job Status:Full Time

Provide support for surgical procedures ranging from routine (e.g., appendectomy, myringotomy, herniorrhaphy, etc.) to complex high risk (e.g., neurosurgery, thoracic, cardiovascular, orthopaedics, etc.) or Trauma (multisystem involvement due to vehicular accidents, gunshot, knife wound) cases. Transport patients from hospital units to OR assuring safe transportation of the patient. Position or assist in positioning patients and draping the patients for the specific procedure; secure patients as required. Select, assemble and organize required supplies, equipment and instruments for specific surgical procedure in accordance with operative work sheets, physician preference card and/or conferring with physician or charge nurse. Hand instruments to the surgeon during the procedure. Maintain an alertness for complications developing during surgery such as hemorrhage, shock and cardiac arrest and immediately supply instruments, drugs and supplies to correct the conditions. Take sponge, instrument and sharp counts; measure blood and fluid loss. Assist with application of dressing. Assist anesthetist during induction and throughout surgical procedure. Obtain supplies needed during surgery such as blood, drugs, solutions, instruments and additional sterile supplies. Be responsible for aseptic technique maintenance during the process of preparing for and assisting in the surgical procedure. Qualifications: Must have LCC-ST or 3 years experience in past 5 years. Must have current CPR

Contact Information
Company: Altos Federal Group
Address: 8484 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Md., Maryland 20910
Phone: 202-726-7700
Fax: 202-726-7717

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