Child Psychiatrist

Company: Child & Youth Pediatric Day Clinic
Date Posted: 08-03-05
Category: Therapy/Rehab
Location: Arkansas - Little Rock
Job Status:Full Time
Relocation:Full Time
Travel:Travel Required
Salary:min $175,000
Shift:M-F days

Job Description
Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist


The duties of the Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist includes completing psychiatric evaluations for patientís as needed, and assisting with planning for individualized assessments and interventions through development and oversight of each patientís Master Treatment Plan (MTP), as needed. The Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist may prescribe clinical evaluations, medications, and other appropriate interventions to identify and remediate diagnosed conditions.


Responsible to: Clinic Director
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Workers Supervised: None


1. Performs complete psychiatric evaluations to identify psychological and/or behavioral problems and provides plans of treatment. Provisions for counseling and therapy may be included.

2. Acts as a resource for information that is used by clinical service providers in delivering the appropriate patient and staff education.

3. Maintains medical records/charting for each patient, as appropriate.

4. Is available by phone for medical/psychological questions or concerns that may arise within the clinic.

5. Complies with the companyís policies and procedures and guidelines, as well as those
requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, including CHMS, RSPMI, AR Child Care
Licensing, and the AR Health Department.

6. Displays concern for the rights of patients and families served by the clinic.

7. Ensures confidentiality of patient and employee information and responds to internal
and external information according to clinic policy.


1. Must be licensed to practice medicine in the State of Arkansas and.

2. Appropriate sub-specialty training in the area of Child/Adolescent Psychiatry is required.

Contact Information
Company: Child & Youth Pediatric Day Clinic
Address: 701 Elm Street
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72450
Phone: 8709263386
Fax: 8709328923

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